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Photographer on Mallorca - Oksana Vladi

"The authentic beauty of architecture from the professional angle"

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   About me

   In 2008, I started my career as an architect in Yekaterinburg, Russia, where I undertook real estate projects from sketches to final 3D visualisations. I always wanted to connect my life with architecture, but I was also fascinated by film industry, so while I was still working as a professional architect, I also took part in international student film projects.


   In 2012, I moved to Barcelona to study an MA in Film Directing, one of my huge passions. Learning cinematography made me very interested in telling stories through images, so I decided to develop my camera skills by studying an MA in Photography at the NouProdigi School.


   In 2014, I started working at the international photographic agency FToNIK, where I carried out photo sessions across Spain and controlled the quality of other photographers' work, creating photography manuals on exterior and interior architecture for them.


   In 2016, I settled in Mallorca and decided to work as a freelance professional photographer, which gave me the freedom to choose which projects I wanted to work on. Since then, my enthusiasm for photography has continued to grow and grow. I am passionate about architecture, and especially Mediterranean architecture, where traditions fuse with cutting-edge designs.   


   My professional development has seen me publish photo reports in magazines and books on architecture and interior design.

What's more, the Balearic lifestyle means that I have also photographed luxury yachts and visitors from all over the world, who - just like me - are in love with Mallorca. 


   Thanks to my years working as an architect and my extensive professional experience as a photographer, I’m capable to capture trough a single image the feeling of space that the architect or designer wants to convey to us in their work.





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